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Last week, Twitter announced and quickly rescinded new user profile authentication rules, including a controversial proposal to offer “blue check” verification to anyone willing to pay $8 a month. New owner Elon Musk has promised his proposed changes will democratize verified account policies and bring in revenue, but the uneven rollout has exposed a flaw at the heart of the social media platform.

Within days of Musk taking over at Twitter in October, dramatic structural changes aimed at reducing the company’s losses began, chief among them plans to overhaul the site’s account verification process.

The new Twitter Blue service, which offered a visible blue tick for an $8 monthly fee, was introduced as a way to add a second revenue stream in addition to advertising. But it was also designed to undermine the platform to make it better, Musk said.

Instead of relying on internal verification processes to authenticate accounts and limiting access to high-profile individuals and organizations, Twitter Blue will allow any of the site’s approximately 436 million users to obtain paid verification. Twitter Blue “will democratize journalism and amplify the voice of the people” Musk wrote on Twitter.

“Checking is a business”

“Verification is actually a business that Twitter serves.”

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