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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Earlier this month, Missouri voters approved a measure to take action recreational drug laws in the government.

The poll left many questions unanswered.

KSHB 41 Viewers have asked many questions about the new measure. During this month, we are working to get you an answer. We’ll answer more questions as we go.

PROPERTIES | Marijuana in Missouri

Here’s what we’ve found so far (scroll down to submit your question):

How old are you?
Think about what it’s like to buy and drink alcohol. If you are 21 and older, you can buy, grow and possess marijuana in Missouri.

When can I buy?
In fact, you will be able to walk into a pharmacy and buy drugs in mid-February 2023, so it’s only a few months away.

When can I start growing at home?
The Missouri Department of Health and Human Services will begin accepting applications to grow on February 6. This means that if you get a license, you’re only growing for your home. You do not sell to anyone outside of your home. Your plant should also be in a closed and closed area.

How much can I grow at home?
According to the government you can have six flowering plants – the plants where you can see the buds. You can also have 18 non-mature plants. Those are the plants that haven’t flowered yet, so there are 24 plants in total.

State regulators have issued additional regulations that are in the draft category. You can read more about those rules on government website.


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