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Banned outfit ULFA (Independent) on Tuesday claimed responsibility for an ambush on an army patrol party in Assam’s Tinsukia district the previous day, in which security forces said at least one militant was injured.

The rebel group, in an emailed statement, said that the ambush, dubbed ‘Operation Lakhipathar’, was carried out to commemorate the ‘Day of Protest’, which the militant group celebrates on November 28. Pengeri-Digboi road. in Barpatar area on Monday morning.

The militants blew up a vehicle filled with explosives called MPV, and fired about 20-30 rounds.

The army claimed that there was no casualty apart from a punctured tyre, in the retaliatory firing, at least one ULFA(I) soldier was seriously injured as evidenced by a pool of blood found on the ground. the forest.

A joint operation by the regional police immediately began at the scene of the accident, with tracking dogs and special equipment, but no further contact can be made with the gunmen, said the army spokesman.

The fleeing militants left behind a remote control, batteries, cables and food, he said.

ULFA(I) on the other hand said that the attack caused damage to the MPV vehicle and the injury of several security personnel.

The armed group did not report any casualties among its cadres. The ULFA(I)’s ‘Day of Protest’ marks the start of ‘Operation Bajrang’ against the militant group in the Army in 1990.

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