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Guwahati: In an effort to bring smiles to children’s faces and celebrate World Children’s Day 2022, Topcem Cement, a leading cement brand in the North East, has distributed stationery to children in 13 orphanages and private homes in Assam.

As part of the initiative, school equipment was handed over to Brahmaputra Children Home, Gorchuk, Seven Sisters Children Home for Girls, Kahilipara, IRCS, Lankeswar, Children’s Home, Lankeswar, Panjabari Home for Boys, UTSAH Education/Community Centre, Hafiznagar . Welfare Home, Six Mile, Children’s Home for Boys, Fatashil Ambari, Shantidan, Lankeswar held a ceremony on Tuesday in Guwahati Dr. Anil Kapur, president, Sales & Marketing, Meghalaya Cements Ltd, said in a statement.

The initiative will provide school materials (including photocopiers, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.) over 400 nos. children in these homes according to the conditions presented by the NGO UTSAH, she added.

The plan will also help children to be more aware of education, have better opportunities to learn and contribute to the development of society, the company said.

Dr. Anil Kapur, president, Sales & Marketing, Meghalaya Cements Ltd. said “Topcem understands the value of education and feels privileged to work with these schools to distribute school supplies to children. Topcem feels that education is the basic right of each and every child therefore everyone is to have equal opportunity for education.”

Nirmal Deka, deputy director of the program, Utsah said, “We are grateful to Topcem for contacting us for this honorable project and we look forward to more of these organizations in the future” Community service is a corporate tradition with Topcem Cement. Topcem Cement has always believed that the best way to strengthen any community is to support children’s education, especially when it comes to the underprivileged.

World Children’s Day (WCD) is UNICEF’s International Day of Action for Children, marking the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) on November 20, 1989.


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