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KINGSTON, N.Y. — Three men have been charged with second-degree murder for “acting in concert” in connection with the 2019 shooting death of Myron Moe, Ulster County District Attorney David Clegg said Tuesday.

Melik Osier Davis, 32, who was already in prison in connection with the Nov. 1, 2019 shooting, has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder. Moye was killed in his home in what authorities described as a “targeted attack” by three men.

The indictment, which was unsealed by Ulster County Judge Brian Rounds on Thursday, Nov. 10, includes two others, Clegg said Tuesday. The contents of the charge sheet have not been made public and the names of the other two persons, who have not yet been produced, have been released.

Clegg said his office has not made the indictment public, which came to Freeman’s attention only after Davis’ arrest was posted on the Kingston police website, and that “it’s complex and I don’t think we’re ready to discuss it in detail.”

“There is an indictment against three individuals and multiple charges, including three counts of second-degree murder,” Clegg said. The DA said the case, which has been under investigation for nearly three years, is extremely complex.

All three suspects are facing charges of second-degree murder and are in custody, but Davis is being held at the Ulster County Jail, Clegg said. Clegg said his office is in the process of extraditing one of the three defendants from Georgia to New York and the third to Ulster County.

“The other two individuals are in custody in correctional facilities here or in correctional facilities in Georgia,” Clegg said. The trio “acted in concert” in Moi’s murder, Clegg said.

Davis is charged with kidnapping (with intent to collect ransom), kidnapping, burglary (injury), robbery (injury), theft with criminal intent, and conspiracy. He is being held without bail.

Davis has pleaded not guilty, his attorney Cappy Weiner said Tuesday. Weiner referred all questions to Clegg, who is handling this multi-count and “incredibly complex” case.

Clegg, who previously said he did not believe Davis was present when Moi was killed but that he was complicit in the murder, said Davis was charged for “acting in concert” with two other men.

Davis was living in Tennessee at the time of his arrest earlier this year and has been in the Ulster County Jail since Jan. 12 on conspiracy charges.

After midnight on November 1, 2019 at 38 W. O’Reilly St. Authorities said that three men entered Moi’s house and tied up two women and a child. One of the women insisted on bringing Moe home. When he arrived, Moe was shot and stabbed, authorities said.

In June, Ulster County Court defense attorney Marianne Connolly told visiting Judge James Farrell that on June 8 and again on June 14, the District Attorney’s Office turned over hard drives containing 270,000 files containing 2.83 terabytes of evidence, but she was not convinced. She has all the documents she is entitled to under the state’s discovery laws.

When reached Tuesday morning, Connolly said he was no longer representing Davis. Clegg has denied concealing evidence in the case.

In an earlier proceeding, Judge Farrell said evidence presented to a grand jury included electronic messages sent by Davis in which he indicated he was not going to be a part of or did not like tying up women. Kids, that’s what happened.

Farrell said that shortly before the incident, Davis did several Internet searches on West O’Reilly Street, where Moy lived, and that he was looking on Google Maps shortly before the murder, evidence presented to the grand jury showed.

Moi’s death comes a week after he shot and killed Daniel Thomas, 27, on October 24, 2019, more than three years ago.

Thomas died of a gunshot wound near the intersection of Cedar and Prospect streets.

No arrests have been made in Thomas’ murder, and police said the two cases are unrelated.


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