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The Western Journal has a long history of pushing extremist views, including early misinformation about COVID-19 and anti-LGBTQ propaganda. Now, Floyd and his colleagues are working to sow doubt about Arizona’s vote totals.

On Twitter, the West Journal’s Olivia Brown ask His followers were to provide “testimony” to the voter fraud they had witnessed, saying, “All this news about #AZVoterSuppression happened in big Republican places.”

Randy DeSoto, a senior staff writer for the Western Journal, said the Arizona results were “irreparable” and said that “the only solution to the crisis that occurred in Maricopa County on Election Day is to do something else.” .”

Trump’s attorney and former One America News host Christina Bobb addressed the issue. “I think they want a new election,” Bobb said Tuesday afternoon. “I mean, the only way to restore confidence in voting in Arizona is to do it again.”

The official Twitter account for Lake’s campaign also called for it to be deleted. “We don’t care if this doesn’t happen before,” the account said wrote. “The right thing to do is let Maricopa County vote again.”

Others on the right called for a stronger response to Lake’s death. Radio show host Joe Oltmann responded to Hobbs’ victory by going after his violent comments.

“Give it up,” Oltmann said. “I’m going to Arizona. I know a lot of people are going to Arizona. We’re going to shut down. We’re going to shut down all the roads, we’re going to shut down everything. We’re going to shut down. And, if it takes a week, two weeks, five weeks, two months, until Christmas, that’s fine.

“We’re going to start by starving the people who enslave us,” he said, adding that this is “the season of Boston’s cheese party — this is it.”

“Make sure that when you get out and you shut down, there will be 5,000 cars on the street, you’re all outside having a barbecue, you’re well armed,” he continued, saying “law enforcement” about the election protests in Arizona. “But nobody knows you’re armed. Nobody knows you’re armed until you protect someone else. … And when they do If something happens to one of us, you will make sure that they pay for it.

“And that’s not violence – we’re peaceful, we’re going to be peaceful,” he added, as a banner crawled under the screen reading information about guns and guns.


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