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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A big hit by Jaguars safety Andre Cisco on Kansas City wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster sparked controversy in the postseason as Jacksonville lost 27-17 at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw a pass to Smith-Schuster in the second quarter across the middle of the field on Sunday and at one point, Cisco hit the Chiefs receiver in a football game at leave Smith-Schuster lying on the floor and put him in immediately. the coordination protocol.

The penalty was ruled illegal on the pitch and after a few minutes, the Chiefs wide man was helped off the field by his teammates.

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Initially, the game’s officials, led by NFL referee Brad Rogers, threw a flag immediately after the game but quickly ruled that Cisco would throw Smith-Schuster at according to the law.

“As long as it’s a hit to the head, it shouldn’t be in the game,” Kansas City coach Andy Reid said after the game. “It looks like it hit the head of where I’m standing, but I’m not on the phone.”

The penalty was ruled illegal on the field, and Rogers doubted it after the game speaking to ESPN Chiefs reporter Adam Teicher after the game.

“After discussions on the field, the two officials came in and determined that the referee had been seated and was able to hit the shoulder, they didn’t say the helmet was foul,” Rogers said. ask what the flag is. was picked up.

“I didn’t know,” said Cisco, who was asked about the lack of calls after the game. I’m really leading with my shoulder. That’s my weapon most of the time. I’ve seen the drama and it looks like it’s close, but no phone.

Rogers said that when Smith-Schuster was free (a player making the catch), the officials didn’t think a helmet was on the play and hit him in the shoulder.

Several players on the Chiefs offered their thoughts on the punishment, including receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling, who also received a big hit from Cisco after the game.

“Those kinds of fights are not welcome in this game because we’re all playing and putting our lives on the line every play,” Valdes-Scantling said via Fox4KC reporter PJ Green.

“You don’t want to see anybody go down like that. So for me to come in and get that type of game two games later and no check, no penalty … they’re protecting us. ?

“Because, in general, there’s not a lot we can do when the ball is in the air to protect ourselves. [with] “It’s the same kind of injury in all three sports, it’s not fair to the guys who put their lives on the line.”

Chiefs safety Justin Reid also cried.

“We were crazy,” Reid said, per Adam Teicher of “I’ve had a lot of big hits, and I’ve never had a hat-to-hat like that.”

In the end, the decision was made and it was not a play that could be challenged.

“We didn’t say it was bad because he was hitting his shoulder,” Rogers said.

Demetrius Harvey is the Jacksonville Jaguars reporter for the Florida Times-Union. You can follow him on Twitter @Demetrius82.


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