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The boundaries of the property that separate the area where a building is to be built are marked with walls, fences or fences to create a clear separation. However, when these are erected far from the legal boundary, it becomes a gray area for neighbors to decide who owns what, and a homeowner will find out. After catching his “neighbors” using his front garden as a shortcut, the Reddit user was left with “no other solution” but to build a new fence in his own area to stop it. However, this led to a new debate about re-establishing the legal separation between the two houses.

Going by the username GI_Van_Helsing on Reddit, the Scottish homeowner reached out for advice after several attempts to end the dispute with his neighbours.

He explained that he and his wife had moved to the country only two years ago, but that the latter had lived in their home for several years before.

Shortly after moving into the house, a Reddit user discovered a gate in the boundary fence between his front garden and his friend’s back garden.

A Reddit user wrote: “My neighbors have used the gate as a shortcut for the past 10 years as a compromise between themselves and the last rulers of our land.

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After catching her neighbors walking in her front garden, the homeowner asked them not to do it in the future.

He said: “This was met with opposition and a sense of ownership. My wife and I decided to erect our own fence on my side of the boundary line just inside our property to prevent enter through the gate into our garden.”

Despite requests that the gate be moved before the new fence is erected, GI_Van_Helsing wrote that his neighbors “insisted” on keeping it as they had previously used it to “get in and out.” off each other’s property” and the people who lived there before.

According to the Reddit user, since the fence was erected, the neighbors have done everything in their power to get back to the “shortcut” path through his front garden. He said their job was to remove the gate from the border fence, including painting “their side”.

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The distraught home owner explained that his lawyer had sent a letter to the residents next door explaining that the fence was not theirs, it was all in his garden, and a copy of the Land Registry title.

He said it was “no use” to them, and they were still using his new fence as a boundary, putting furniture on it, and painting it.

With no other solution, a Reddit user reached out for advice after raising concerns about where the legal zone is now.

In the post, he asked if his neighbors could remove the old fence completely and claim the land until his new fence.

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According to Citizens Advice Scotland, a person can use a barrier of their choice, without their partner’s consent, if it is safe.

The neighbor has “no right” over the barrier – whether it’s a fence, hedge, or fence.

By law, a Reddit user cannot ask the next person to remove their old fence, just as a neighbor cannot re-establish a property boundary.

Reading the forum, Revivedadam suggested that the author of the first column set the limit. They wrote: “Intuitively, you feel that you can tell your neighbors and their successors that it’s your land, but you’re going to give it back to what you can use it for.”


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