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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The legal battle over Ellen Greenberg’s controversial death has ended in an appeals court. Greenberg was the Philadelphia school teacher who was found dead from multiple stab wounds more than a decade ago.

Greenberg took her own life at just 27 years old after she was found dead with nearly 20 wounds in her Manayunk home more than a decade ago.

“She didn’t kill herself,” said Sandee Greenberg, Ellen’s mother.

Ellen Greenberg’s parents, Sandee and Josh, have been fighting to change Ellen’s death certificate from suicide to murder, which has not been resolved since 2011 and has recently been contested. said former employees of the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office.

“I don’t understand why the city is trying so hard and fighting so hard against us,” Sandee said.

The Greenbergs now hope their case will go to trial.

A Philadelphia city attorney and Greenberg’s attorneys appeared before the appeals court in Center City on Tuesday.

Joe Podraza, an attorney for the Greenbergs, argued to the three-judge panel that the photos show Ellen could not have stabbed him nearly 20 times.

A city-hired medical professional was also cited for Tuesday’s case.

“By definition, the order given at the time of Ellen’s death shows that she could not have inflicted 20 or one of the 20, in fact, those wounds on her own,” he said. said Podraza.

But an assistant Philadelphia city attorney argued that Ellen was not injured by the wounds and that the case should not go to trial.

In a statement, the city said the medical examiner’s office “is not subject to legal pressure to update their professional and ethical practices.”

The appeals court has not said when it will decide whether this case will move to trial.


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