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Denver Broncos linebacker Aaron Patrick is suing the NFL, Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, and ESPN after suffering an ACL tear on Monday Night Football in October. During the MNF Broncos-Chargers game, Patrick tore his ACL after trying to avoid hitting a camera on the sideline. After suffering a season-ending injury from playing, Patrick is suing the aforementioned parties for injury-related damages, via ProFootballTalk.

In the lawsuit, Patrick alleges that the injury was caused by negligence in the proper placement of mats to cover the cables connected to the league’s live broadcast monitoring feed. Patrick claims the injury occurred after he “flipped” on one of the mats while trying to avoid the camera.

Patrick also says that SoFi Stadium, home of the Rams and Chargers, “put a bad attitude on those areas” that led to his ACL injury.

Due to the terms of his contract, Patrick was forced to part with half of his annual salary after the Broncos placed him on IR, so it’s understandable why he was looking for compensation he said about the ACL tear.

Patrick’s lawsuit names the LA Rams, LA Chargers, the NFL, and ESPN, and also challenges the NFL’s current CBA for lacking a “valid and binding arbitration agreement.”

This season, his second in the league, Patrick appeared in five games for the Broncos, scoring three touchdowns. He has appeared in 17 games in his career since leaving Eastern Kentucky.


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