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After more than a week on the run, law enforcement has arrested a suspect accused of killing a man and shooting a Henry County detention officer at an apartment complex.

The U.S. Marshals Fugitive Tax Force arrested 32-year-old Bretson Bernard Thomas Sunday afternoon at a hotel in Macon, authorities said.

The shooting happened at the Haddon Place Apartments near the 4000 block of Willow Lane on Friday, Nov. 4, just after 1 p.m. While no further details about the shooting have been released, investigators say one person was killed and a Henry County detention officer was seriously injured but in stable condition. Both men fired multiple shots, police said.

The victim’s family identified him as Michael Brown III and said he lived at the apartment complex and worked there as a maintenance worker. She says Brown knew the suspect but was not friends.

“Hey Mike I don’t understand how he’s gone, when can we hang out?” To shoot my child,” Brown’s mother told FOX 5.

She said apartment management warned Brown that Thomas had been acting strangely and was upset with Brown for no apparent reason.

“His supervisor said, ‘Watch out dude, you know, he seems to have some issues with you.’ So my son – he goes to him and says ‘What’s going on?’ “He shot him, shot him and his best friend,” Prado said.

The family says Brown and Officer Williams were childhood friends.

Prados prays for the victim who survived.

From left to right, DeMarie Ayanna Coulter, Joseph Kimber and Lashonda Lay

From left to right, DeMarie Ayanna Coulter, Joseph Kimber and Lashonda Lay (Henry County Sheriff’s Office)

Last week, officials say they arrested two people and are still searching for a third suspect who helped elude Thomas.

Joseph Kimber and Lashonda Lay were arrested for helping Thomas escape. A third woman, DeMarie Ayanna Coulter, was also wanted on similar charges but was not in custody.

“Anyone who is believed to be aiding and abetting any of these people that we’re looking for, Mr. Brentson Bernard Thomas, or either, Ms. DeMarie Ayanna Coulter, if we believe you’re aiding and abetting, you’re going to go to jail,” Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandrett said.

Thomas had warrants for his arrest for murder and two counts of aggravated assault. He is not known to have received additional charges.


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