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File photo of Gauhati High Court.

File photo of Gauhati High Court. | Photo Credit: Sudha Vemuri

The Gauhati High Court observed the “filmic” side of the destruction in Assam as it pulled the State police to raze the houses of the people accused of arson in May.

The court that heard the case related to the act of burning the houses of 5 Muslims who were accused of setting fire to the Batadrava station in Nagaon district, the court said that the use of excavators and bulldozers to demolish the houses “under the guise of an investigation” was not carried out. do not expose any criminal law. .

“Even if a very serious matter is being investigated by an agency, a permit is required to bully a home. Are you going to dig into my courtroom in the name of an investigation if you say something under the court? It seems that no one in this country is safe. ,” said Chief Justice RM Chhaya after the government lawyer argued the case.

“This is a democratic process. How can you do it (bulldoze)?” He asked, insisting “even Lord Macaulay didn’t think” what the police had done without a warrant.

Simply put, the Supreme Court said that Bollywood movies should be careful to show the actors notices or demolition orders before using a bulldozer.

“Such things (challenges as punishment) happen only in Rohit Shetty’s films. Send your story to SP director Rohit Shetty. He can make a film about it,” said the government adviser.

Leena Doley was the SP (Superintendent of Police) of Nagaon district when the houses of the five accused were demolished on May 22, less than 24 hours after angry mobs set fire to the Batadrava police station.

These people, which consisted of a large number of women, attacked the station, after a villager, a fish seller named Safikul Islam, died in police custody, after he refused to pay a bribe to the men. Dressed in police uniform. The police claim that the man was arrested in a drunken state and released after a medical examination.

The police justified the demolition of the houses by claiming that they were built illegally on encroached land and were later found to have forged documents.

Ashiqul Islam, one of the accused in the arson case, died in prison on May 30, when he was apparently hit by a police car while trying to escape.


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