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SCCA webinar exploring technical trends
Top row from left: Brian Tang, Thomas Chuang and Peggy Lim. Bottom row from left: Adeline Lim, Omar Mahmud and Samantha Hilton.

Mmore than 100 people attended a Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA) webinar on how law firms can navigate the increasing risks and complexities of the world on in spending money.

The SCCA webinar on November 9 titled, “Legal Operations and End-to-End Management for Law Firms”, delved into how law firms can embrace 2023 and finance right, implementing an organizational framework, and choosing the right technology to meet their challenges.

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Adeline Chin and Brian Tang, co-chairs of the Asia Pacific Legal Innovation and Technology Association; Peggy Lim, head of legal, general area Asia at consumer healthcare company Haleon; and Thomson Reuters legal solutions consultant Omar Mahmud, Thomas Chuang and senior project manager Samantha Hilton.

“The key to finding profitable solutions, tech or non-tech, is to first find the pain points to address,” Chin said.

“Technology and innovation enable problem solving, greater efficiency and improved organizational culture. Strategic talent management when using a converter saves time and costs, while optimizing efficiency and reducing productivity or job atrophy.

Tang added that the main takeaway from the panel discussion was that law firms in Asia and the Pacific need to incorporate more legal technology and innovation to enable them to do more with less. more.

“It’s a digital transformation journey for every department, but they’re not alone,” Tang said. “They can recruit law firms, law firms, consultants and even law schools to accompany them on their journey.”

Lim argued that there are many technology solutions on the market, but in order to successfully implement the chosen technology solution, it is important to understand what the problem is that people are looking to solve and do. current related or work flow with the person involved.

“Businesses need to optimize these and invest appropriately in the change management plan needed to support and deliver the successful implementation of a defined solution,” said Lim.

Chuang noted that any legal change should involve more than just lawyers. “Lawyers must be able to rely on partners across the business and industry, from technical experts, to consultants and members of the management team in order to effectively adopt the right solutions for the right processes. and implement the right approach,” Chuang said.


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