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It’s that time of year again. Bloomberg Law’s legal analysts also examine the state of the legal profession as part of our annual overview series. It’s no surprise that this year’s lineup is the biggest yet—there’s plenty to check out at the end of the year.

The legal landscape has been affected this year by a surprising combination of political, economic, and judicial winds. Everything from rising inflation to tight supply chain issues to a wild labor market to important Supreme Court decisions have contributed to the current state of the industry.

As a result, in this year’s series, our legal analysts will offer their expert knowledge and insights across a wide range of trends and issues that professionals will need to address in 2023. Bloomberg Act 2023 the series is divided into five major themes—Regulation, Communications, ESG & Operations, Technology, and The Future of the Legal Industry.

Ours Judgment Analysts will examine how the issues unfold in and out of court, including patent litigation and patentability, Section 230 and social media, key questions doctrine, and the impact of the judicial finance industry.

On the Marketing aside, our legal analyst takes a deep dive into the year, examining broad trends in the M&A and capital markets and predicting what transactional lawyers are expected to be in those areas in 2023. In addition , we take a closer look at national-level cryptocurrency implementation and ongoing supply chain challenges.

Is there a hotter, more political topic this year than ESG? Our legal analysts delve into ESG-related issues, with a particular focus on related operational issues. Ours ESG & Performance from SEC rulemaking to fair wages to worker welfare to unionization.

On the Technology In the past, our legal analysts have explored a wide range of issues, including the state of femtech after the Supreme Court. Dobbs decision on reproductive rights, trends in law and privacy laws, and what to expect in the implementation of the FTC in the coming year.

Finally, our legal analysts share their predictions for the Evolution of the Legal Industry. What progress will the legal profession make on DEI metrics in 2023? What developments can we see in the (re)regulation of non-lawyer rights for legal service providers? Has the legal profession experienced a “quiet exit”? These are just a few of the questions our legal analysts will explore as part of this year’s series.

Access all 33 analyzes from our Bloomberg Law 2023 series here.


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