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The Office of the President Launches a Legal Investigation of the Government's Accomplishments of the Itaewon Victims

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The presidential office has reportedly launched a legal review of the government’s compensation for the victims of the Itaewon shooting.

A presidential official told reporters on Sunday that the case should be thoroughly investigated to fulfill the country’s legal responsibility for the incident.

The official said that the government will take responsibility for the tragedy to the bereaved families of the victims in different ways.

The president’s office said earlier that the government will submit a legal review of the government’s costs related to the disaster, and if the review determines that the government must pay the costs, the government will recognize the beneficiaries and pay their dues.

Lawyers for the Democratic Society, or Minbyun, announced last week that a task force had been set up on the Itaewon crowd crackdown, and the Korea Bar Association said it plans to set up a special committee to support it. the families are upset about the lawsuit against the government. in search of revenge.


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