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Gun-rights advocates are filing lawsuits over Oregon’s new gun control program.

The Second Amendment Campaign (SAF) and the Gun Policy Coalition (FPC) said they plan to challenge Measure 114 after the Associated Press called a race for sponsors on Tuesday. A proposal to establish a permit-to-purchase system for legal firearms and magazines that hold more than ten rounds won by just 1.6 percent, but even that thin margin left the outside of what is required for automatic accounting. Gun rights groups said the law should not be allowed to go into effect because they believe it violates the Second Amendment.

“We are working with our lawyers,” Alan Gottlieb, who started SAF, said The New Load. “We’re on our second draft of the complaint, and we’re going to submit it.”

Gottlieb said his group plans to work with the FPC on the case and has found several Oregon gun owners and licensed dealers who have agreed to sign on. FPC tweeted on Tuesday he had already started raising money to “suffocate” the “gun reform by overturning Oregon Ballot Measure 114.”

Litigation can make the difficult task of translating a referendum into effective law even more difficult. Oregon Police are tasked with creating systems to enforce new gun restrictions by January 15th, 30 days after the election is scheduled to pass. However, the department has yet to release a plan for how the systems will work.

Measure 114 requires Oregonians to apply for a permit, submit to a state-specific background check, submit to a standard FBI background check, submit fingerprints, photo ID, weapons training credentials, and a $65 fee before purchasing a gun. The gun owner must renew the permit every five years. But none of the laws governing the administration of the new requirements were decided.

Oregon State Police did not respond to a request for comment The New Load but it was said The Seattle Times and OPB are “assessing the necessary conditions” and cannot comment until after the election is ratified in December.

Supporters of the project say it will take time, possibly months, for lawmakers and law enforcement officials to process the information.

“The sale won’t stop because we can’t apply for a permit until (Oregon State Police) create the rules and complete the standard application form,” said Anthony Johnson, a spokesman for the Measure 114 program. . The Time.

But gun rights activists argue that there is nothing in the text of Measure 114 that could delay its implementation.

“A lot of gun store managers are worried that they won’t be able to sell guns because they don’t have a system in place to do it,” Gottlieb told Reload. “They are arguing that it won’t, but we don’t see how the word gives them the power to delay implementation.”

Gottlieb said the only way for the courts to step in is to stop the restrictions from happening. He said SAF and FPC are waiting to see how Oregon officials approach legislation on the measure before finalizing their legislative strategy. However, the parties have identified the key areas of Measure 114 that they plan to pursue.

“The ban is for the magazine,” he said The New Load. “And we are also playing with other aspects, especially the delivery system and training, which cannot be made available now.”

The gun control movement went well after those to ban slavery as a felony and prevent legislators from being re-elected if they missed more than ten floor sessions. Democratic Senator Ron Wyden is also about 100,000 votes behind re-election. But it was able to go above and beyond with a successful campaign to amend the state constitution to add access to affordable health care for individuals.


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