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Starting with the CEO’s verbal and physical abuse, there have been other reports of abuse against OMEGA X over the past few days. Recently, the legal representative of OMEGA X said that the group has been harassed again and they have evidence to prove it. The legal representative explained, “This is why people use the dreams of young people to harm them.”

In phone and media version CBS No Cut News on November 14, the legal representative of OMEGA X, lawyer Noh Jeong Eon explained, “This is a case where young people are imprisoned and their dreams are crushed. They had to face harassment, intimidation and harassment.” The lawyer added, “The members have suffered from gaslighting, they are worried and scared because they have been harassed.”

Regarding the claims that the members were abused, the lawyer explained, “We have video proof of the harassment.” He added, “Historically, ‘feminism’ was mostly crimes committed against women by physically dominant men. This case is a case in point as to why a person with a monopoly, regardless of gender, can violate human rights.” Lawyer Noh also explained that the agency neglected to protect the artists under the standard contract. He explained, “In the standard contract of an artist’s exclusive contract, there is a basic clause that states that the artist’s human rights are not violated and that the agency has an obligation to protect the artist. However, this has been completely violated.”

OMEGA X is at the center of new controversy after a video was released showing the female CEO harassing members online. The group of eleven traveled to North America to continue their world tour after their tour of South America. They start with their October concerts in New York on the 3rd, Atlanta on the 6th, Orlando on the 7th, Louisville on the 9th, Chicago on the 10th, Denver on the 12th, Lawrence on the 14th, Dallas on the 15th, San Antonio on the 16th, Phoenix on the 18th, and Los Angeles on the 22nd. The band toured 11 cities for 20 days.

However, a video of the former CEO verbally and physically abusing members was released online, causing a stir in the entertainment industry. The footage showed the former CEO shouting at members and physically dragging one of them to the ground.

Not only that, there were reports that members who were infected with the COVID-19 disease were forced to go on stage. In addition, there were reports that members were invited to drinking sessions where physical contact and touching took place.

That is why the members of OMEGA X decided that they could not continue in the industry and prepared to take legal action. The members opened a new social media account and shared a personal message with fans showing that they will continue to follow their dreams.


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