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Lincoln, Neb. (CONN) — An Omaha man has been found guilty of shooting and killing Lincoln in 2021.

Deontay Rush, 27, was found guilty Monday in Lancaster County District Court of murder.

He faces charges of first degree murder and using a deadly weapon to commit a crime.

James Shecky, 33, was killed in the early morning hours of February 23, 2021, during a burglary at Shecky’s North Lincoln home.

Anna Phelan and her brother Marques Moten were also arrested for conspiracy to commit robbery in connection with the crime. Court documents indicated Rush was Phelan’s ex-boyfriend.

A preliminary hearing for Rush was delayed and resulted in a mistrial due to the courtroom outbreak of COVID-19. At that trial, Rush’s defense argued that he wasn’t even in Lincoln at the time of the shooting.

Rush could face up to life in prison and will be sentenced on December 29.


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