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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Missouri voters approved recreational marijuana reform on Tuesday, but some experts are urging users to have a medical license, despite the new law making it available to people over turns 21 in 2023.

It’s not the quality or intensity that separates recreational and medical activities from each other, but the legal protections offered by a medical license, said Anthony David, executive officer. at Green Precision Analytics, a drug testing laboratory in Kansas City.

“I mean, if you’re using drugs for medical reasons, like most patients in the state of Missouri, a medical card protects you and your employer and your insurance company,” said David.

“I think it gives you protections that you don’t have under adult use, so it’s the same if you’re taking Xanax that you’re not prescribed.”

David said the prescription drug card offers a safety net for users facing legal threats or court systems by providing proof of legal drug use.

Marijuana card holders are protected from exceeding the state’s allowable limit of no more than 3 ounces in 30 days for recreational users and 6 ounces for medical users. David said a medical card can save you from work.

“If your employer has a policy that says, ‘You can use medical marijuana if it’s prescribed by a doctor and it interferes with your job, but we don’t allow it recreationally,’ that’s fine.” . model,’ said David.

People with prescription drug cards not only have more legal protection and documentation, but also pay less in drug taxes.

Medical marijuana is currently taxed at 4% in the state of Missouri, according to the Missouri Department of Revenue, but recreational marijuana is taxed at 6%, sometimes as high as 9%.

Local governments can levy an additional 3% tax on recreational products, and some drug agencies can tax up to 5% more on recreational products than on drugs.

David said this is a great incentive for customers to go to the pharmacy.

He also said it’s important to note that medical and recreational drugs have the same testing standards in Missouri, debunking myths that medical drugs are more dangerous than recreational drugs.

He said that the most important thing to know is that it is prepared both, non-toxic and safe.

“Our job here is to provide safety measures for people,” David said. “We make sure that the drug you buy at the pharmacy is microbe-free, pesticide-free, and free from heavy metals.”


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