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Phoenix (3TV/CBS 5) – Newly edited videos from the Phoenix Police Department show three officers shooting and killing a man outside a Maryvale business earlier this month. According to investigators, Leonte Kirk was threatening someone with a gun, so the victim called 911 on Nov. 2 at 37th Avenue and McDowell. He entered one of the shops and got into an argument with a motorcyclist.

Officers in the police helicopter said they saw Kirk outside the store with a gun and he opened fire. “He’s shooting at people in front of the store,” the officer said over the radio. “We need more units for 37th Avenue McDowell. We have an active shooter,” the police dispatcher said. Surveillance video from the store shows Kirk and at least one other person holding guns at each other, but the video fades to black before shots are heard.

Officers arrived on the scene and three of them opened fire on Kirk, killing him. Only two of the three officers had their body cameras activated at the time of the shooting. The other didn’t look back until he fired. An officer’s body-cam video shows him running toward the scene with a rifle. Gunshots can be heard from two officers before shots are fired. A third officer yelled “Stop!” seems to be heard shouting. Before she fires the gun.

A second body-cam video shows officers running with handguns. He says nothing before unloading his clip on Kirk. He reloads before dispatching that there is an officer-involved shooting. After the shooting, the first body-cam video shows the officer firing a fatal round at Kirk, who was motionless. Crews moved in to revive him, but he was already dead. More than 10 shots were fired between the three officers.

Police said a sergeant with 14 years in the department was one of the people who shot Kirk. The other two officers have four and five years of experience respectively. All three were assigned to the Maryvale/Estrella Mountain Precinct. No names have been released. A criminal and internal investigation into the shooting is underway.


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