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By our Staff Correspondent
IMPHAL, November 14: The Manipuri Youth Front of Assam (MYFA) has condemned the alleged marginalization and victimization of the Manipuri community by the Assam Government in the neighboring state.
MYFA Adviser Seram Herajit who spoke to the media at Manipur Press Club this afternoon said that all those who have completed their studies on the medium of Manipuri language have completely disappeared after the Assam government issued a press release on May 26, 2020. Candidates of all recruitment exams conducted in Assam government are allowed to give these exams only in Assamese, Bengali and Bodo.
So the Manipuri people settled in Assam who were earlier recognized as a community of Assam origin were denied job opportunities, he said.
He said that the Manipuri people settled in Assam started learning Manipuri medium from the primary level in 1956.
Students were allowed to give their Class X examinations in Manipuri medium in 1978. Later, Department of Manipuri was opened in 13 colleges under the Government of Assam in 1997. A separate department of Manipuri was also opened in Assam University, he said.
Before the publication notice of May 26, 2020, candidates can give most of the written tests in the English language.
Now, Manipuris in Assam have to learn either Assamese or Bengali or Bodo if they want to seek employment in the Assam Government, said Herajit.
Not only Assam Government jobs. Residents of Assam have to give the Central Government recruitment exams in either Assamese, Bengali or Bodo, he added.
Led by MYFA, many protests and mass movements were held urging the Assam government to protect the interests of the Manipuri community and their mother tongue but the Assam government is still denying the Manipuri community all their rights and opportunities. refused.
He then requested the Civil Society Organizations of Manipur and the Government of Manipur to help protect the interests of the Manipur community in Assam.
He urged the Chief Minister of Manipur to write a letter to his Assam counterpart to influence the adoption of Manipuri as another official language of Assam.
He said that MYFA has already submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister N Biren showing a similar appeal.
The same note also urged N Biren to meet the issue of introducing Meitei Mayek in Assam with his Assam counterpart, Herajit added.


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