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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. (WMC) – Two more lawsuits have been filed against Kroger and third-party sushi company Snowfox / JFE Franchising for gross negligence that led to the mass shooting at the New Byhalia Road store last September.

Originally filed by Mariko Jenkins in September.

Two more lawsuits were filed in October, the first by Collierville couple Joseph and Linda Ash.

The lawsuit reads that the two were in the fresh meat and seafood area of ​​the store when UK Thang, a former Snowfox employee who had been fired earlier that day, came through the door and opened fire.

Ashes “ran into an employee-only section of the store and into the back area of ​​the store … where he saw an enclosure containing a trash can. They hid in that dumpster.

Soon, “Thang spotted them. He followed the same path…walked to the perimeter…and continued shooting.

Joseph was hit twice in the shoulder and stomach and spent 12 days in the hospital, while Linda was shot and treated by her doctor.

Both allege that the Kroger defendants “knew, or should have known, that on that day (the day Tang was fired) Tang saw a risk to its employees and customers.”

“The Kroger defendants had a duty to protect their customers and employees,” the lawsuit read.

There is no set amount in the form of damages the Ashes are seeking, but they say the sum is more than $75,000, which would allow their case to go to federal court.

Kroger did not comment on the lawsuit, and we did not receive a response from Ashe’s attorney, Taylor Cates of Memphis.

The second case is against Linda Archibald, who was working at the store at the time of the shooting.

Archibald recalled the morning Thang was fired, saying Thang reacted “with rage” and showed “a great tendency to act violently.”

Tang had a “history of confrontations and disagreements with other individuals, including employees,” according to the suit.

“All defendants knew or should have known that Tang presented a danger,” the lawsuit continued.

Archibald was shot during the shooting.

She, like Ashes, is demanding a jury trial, $5 million in compensatory damages and up to $5 million in punitive damages.

Her attorney, former Shelby County Commissioner Julian Bolton, spoke to us by phone and politely declined to comment on the case at this time.

Kroger did not comment on the case.

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