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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – Memphis songwriter David Porter says he plans to criticize former President Donald Trump for his use of the popular soul song “Hold On, It’s Going here I am” during Tuesday night’s announcement of his third presidential run.

Porter co-wrote the song with drummer Isaac Hayes in 1966.

“I woke up this morning to text messages about it,” said Veronica Hayes, daughter of Isaac Hayes.

Hayes said he was upset that his family had asked the Trump camp all of them do not use music.

“My father’s heritage is very pure and untainted by anything. As the survivors, we can choose how his music is played and who is allowed to use it,” Hayes said.

This incident adds to the list of many artists – including the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, and John Fogerty – who have asked the former President to stop using their music at his events.

It’s not clear what legal remedies are available, but David Porter, who wrote “Hold On, I’m Coming,” says his team has all options.

“My art and the concept of music… in the beginning, it’s about connecting with everyone,” Porter said. “It’s not the parts of some people or some programs that don’t want to embrace the truth of this country.”

Porter said he felt the same way he heard the song Sunday night as it did the last time it was used.

“Hell if not.”

Now, he’s urging former president Trump to shut up “Hold on, I’m coming.”

“Hold On, I’m Coming,” was a #1 hit single recorded on Stax Records by Sam and Dave in the ’60s.

The rights to the song are now owned by Atlantic Records.

Action News 5 reached out to Atlantic Records to see if they plan to take legal action.

They said not yet.

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