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Health insurer Medibank could face legal action after the personal details of millions of its customers were stolen in a data breach.

After some of its customers’ health information was leaked on the dark web, law firm Maurice Blackburn confirmed it was reviewing whether customers affected by the hack could be compensated.

The firm’s general counsel Andrew Watson said the data breach was one of the worst seen in Australia.

“Companies that hold their customers’ sensitive health information have an important obligation to ensure that the information is protected and that data is kept in good condition,” he said.

“Medibank has a greater responsibility to put greater safeguards in place to protect the personal and health claims information it collects from its customers.”

Data, including names, phone numbers, Medicare numbers and sensitive health information, was taken by hackers during the breach.

As the government looks for ways to improve cyber security laws, the Home Affairs Minister, Clare O’Neil, has indicated that the law will make it unnecessary for companies to pay for applications. pay hackers if they breach data.

“The way we’re thinking about reform … there are a lot of quick wins, things we can do quickly, and standing up for the new policing is one of them,” O’ said. Neil told ABC’s Insiders on Sunday. .

“There are some important policy questions that we need to consider and discuss, and we will do so in the context of a cybersecurity strategy.”

Federal police confirmed last week that Russian militants were behind the attack.

The 100-officer-strong, cyber-crime task force targeting hackers is led by the AFP and the Australian Bureau of Investigation.

“We will not sit back while our citizens are treated like this and let there be no consequences for it,” O’Neil said.

“We hate to find these people, track them down and disrupt them before they attack our country.”


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