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Erika Jayne

Lisa Rinna It was said that the legal drama surrounding it Ladies of Beverly Hills star together, Erika Jayne, in response to a fan defending the reality star on Instagram.

Lisa Rinna talks about Erika Jayne's drama on Instagram

Erika A photo taken from a recent Los Angeles Times article was posted showing the following allegations Christopher Kamon, CFO of his predecessor, Tom Girardi the dead legal profession. Erika The headline from the article was shared, captioning the post — “This is going to get crazier and crazier. Oh.”

Erika Jayne

Rinna continued to cry in the comments section with “good, good, good,” and asked “love you” from his co-star.

Erika Jayne

Rinna delved deeper into the news after a fan slammed RHOBH for allegedly bullying Erikathe last year.

Erika, you were really bullied for all of this. There is a right to everything, women need to know that, stop running their mouths, and find other ways to keep their mouths shut! It’s me [Team Erika]”, the fan wrote.

Rinna quipped in response — “Some are very smart. He asked us to wait. The legal system will handle it.”

Erika Jayne

As mentioned earlier this month, Tom Girardi The former Chief Financial Officer was arrested by the Fed on wire fraud charges.

Court documents showed that Girardi The former financial officer was arrested in Maryland, on a criminal charge by the FBI.

Tom Girardi

Christopher Kazuo Kamon49, appeared in federal court in Baltimore, Maryland on a wire fraud charge filed in the Central District of California. The affidavit supporting the criminal complaint was unsealed, but alleges that it occurred “on or about September 16, 2020, in Los Angeles County in the District of Central California,” according to the Kamon time in Girardi Keese.

The feds say Kamon a proper understanding of Girardi Keese money and suspicion knows how Tom Girardi deceive his clients.

Crystal Minkoff

Earlier this month, Crystal Kung Minkoff It was confirmed to be back in January of last year, amid rumors of a RHOBH shakeup.

Later the decision was made to delay the film Kathy Hilton It was confirmed that he would not be returning to the show if the group were to continue. The fans know it Erika a Rinna Collaborated with socialists after undergoing a “psychological experiment” during a trip to Aspen.

Kathy Hilton

“I said I’d only be willing to come back if it was the same fan, not at all, because I think there are two fans who are threatening the other girls,” Kathy told TMZ, last month. “There’s a couple talking, but most of them, they’re not really being honest when they’re pushed up against the wall, they’re afraid of what those two bullies are saying…

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