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LLegal experts, including one of Robert Mueller’s prosecutors, are skeptical that Attorney General Merrick Garland should appoint a special counsel to oversee the Justice Department’s investigation into former President Donald Trump.

Criminal charges against Trump have resurfaced after the former president issued a new presidential bid Tuesday night, as the DOJ investigates Trump in connection with purposes of January 6, 2021and independently conduct an unprecedented task FBI attack on Trump’s Florida resort Mar-a-Lago in August.

Crime charges will return as Trump’s presidential bid is launched.

CNN reported in early November that Justice Department officials had discussed the possibility that a special counsel would be needed to lead the investigation into Trump, and the reports have been confirmed in several cases. internal.

Andrew Weissmann, considered one of the most powerful prosecutors in the Mueller investigation, said to the Skill Earlier this month he said he believed Garland’s DOJ had considered a Trump special counsel but “I think it’s a responsibility if they’re looking again” at the former president’s moves in the election, ​​but “I didn’t know. The analysis is very different.”

But Mueller’s former prosecutor appears to be refuse thought a few days later, tweeting: “Great new episode. Attorney General, It’s Too Late to Appoint a Special Counsel.”

The information he shared was from Laurence Tribe, professor emeritus at Harvard University, who wrote that “the appointment of a special counsel came out of the former president’s announcement of his 2024 run and come up and put politics on principle” and “violate principle. constitutional law.”

Garland was asked in March if he would consider a special counsel to investigate Trump, and he declined to comment on the former president.

“We don’t talk about how we do investigations or how we do investigations – that’s a departmental process,” Garland said. “I’m talking about this question of politics and It’s not political: we don’t shy away from cases that are controversial, sensitive, or political, and to do so would violate the law, which we do. the cases are the same, regardless of the subject.”

Mary McCord, acting head of the DOJ’s National Security Division in 2016 and 2017, told the Washington Post it is too late to appoint a special counsel. McCord, who was cited in Mueller’s report about the controversy surrounding Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, who reviewed some of the FISA requests targeting Trump opponent Carter Page, told the outlet, “There are people who say it’s political. It’s not possible. You can cancel it if there are specific instructions.

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Matthew Miller, a spokesman for Obama’s Justice Department, told the outlet that he didn’t think Trump’s special counsel was a good idea.

“The main reason for a special counsel is to dismiss a case, or try to dismiss a case. I think with Trump, that’s different because he’s going to get angry,” said Miller said, “You’d better handle this case as usual, and it’s handled by [federal prosecutors] will report to the attorney general to protect him.”


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