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It comes as calls for protesters who cause serious trouble, such as blocking the M25, to be treated as criminals and have their property seized.

Four days of work closed parts of the M25 last week after protesters barricaded themselves in stalls.

Protesters were branded “stupid, selfish and stupid” and accused of “killing life” after a police officer was injured on Wednesday.

The party said on Friday it had suspended its M25 operation to give “those in government time to consider their responsibilities”.

Since October 1, around 750 people have been arrested by police on suspicion of involvement in the London riots, but hundreds have been released on bail without further action.

Chris Noble, Chief Constable of Staffordshire Police and National Policing Council leader, said: “The protesters have access to some of the best law enforcement minds in the country, so they know very well the legal information and where the violations are.”

He asked for clarity in the rules, which the Government is trying to strengthen in the Public Settlements Bill.

Speaking at a meeting of the NPCC and the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, he said: “We want the current legislation to be clear about the definition, something that can be enforced.

“We have no courage to put the police and the public at risk. I find it dangerous, stupid and criminal to be doing it that way.”

David Lloyd, Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, likened the actions that prevent community action to “a form of terrorism”.

Matthew Scott, the Police and Crime Commissioner, said protesters blocked Dartford Crossing by climbing last month and prevented patients and staff from getting to the hospital.

“They are more than happy to spend three months in jail and then get out and do it again, so they need to be hit where it hurts, they need to be classified as a criminal gang to have their assets seized.”


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