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PHOENIX – The number of foreclosures in Maricopa County is on the rise. October had the most shipments in more than a decade.

Like a growing number of renters in the valley, Linda found herself in court fighting to stay in her home.

The park manager says Linda’s dog is aggressive and wants her out but Linda says her dog is not aggressive.

“He’s a real pet. People want to pet him, and I tell them, ‘don’t pet him,'” said Linda.

Linda won her case but was unable to pay the $3,200 in court costs.

It’s too little money to pay a lawyer but too much to take on alone.

Linda informed me that we would help her get that money.

But tonight, you can get the legal help Linda needs, for free.

We have eight attorneys in our office taking your calls from 5 to 7 p.m.

They can talk to you one-on-one about layoffs and day-to-day retirement issues.

When Jolene Lewis needed hot water, she heated it on the stove for several months and went to a nearby apartment building to take a shower.

That’s because he didn’t have hot water for months.

Jolene couldn’t afford a lawyer to advise her, so she introduced me.

We went into town and Jolene was able to secure another apartment that also accepted her housing selection package.

Tonight, you can get a lawyer’s advice with just a phone call.

We are working with the State Bar of Arizona.

During ABC15’s 5 and 6 p.m. interviews, eight attorneys familiar with landlord/tenant issues answered the phone.

This includes lawyers from Community Legal Services, who represent tenants on a daily basis.

Maybe you have a question about getting a refund.

When Steve’s son went out, he was supposed to get his $400 security deposit.

Months later, he still had nothing, no response.

“I’ve tried several times by phone, but no one answers,” Steve said.

Paying a lawyer to get $400 is not worth it.

So, Steve informed me that the deposit will be refunded.

But tonight, you can get that legal help for free.

So join us on ABC15 News at 5 and 6 pm to talk to an attorney about your landlord/tenant case.

I’ll see you at 5pm tonight!


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