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It’s funny about an unemployed family working in family law.

That’s exactly what happens when attorney Abigail Bianchi (Jewel Staite) ends up working at her father’s firm on a trial basis.

The new “Legal Family” series on the CW network opens with Abigail sleeping in her car outside the city after a night of heavy drinking. It was early in the morning and he woke up with only minutes to go to court before his case was dismissed.

Stumbling into a courtroom where a group of students are filming on their phones, Abigail can barely compose herself before throwing up on her unsuspecting client’s lap. Of course, the student videos made the rounds and Abigail was found to be toxic.

It turns out that Abigail isn’t a rookie, she’s suspended from the practice of law and can only pay for what she did by consulting with an experienced attorney. The only person willing to take on the job is her estranged father Harry Svensson (Victor Garber).

An old-school lawyer, Svensson runs a family law firm and employs Abigail’s half-siblings, Daniel (Zach Smadu) and Lucy (Genelle Williams), the firm’s psychiatrist. The fact that Abigail did not meet her siblings before the crisis at the office.

Harry walked out on Abigail’s mum Joanne (Lauren Holly) when their daughter was just seven, and went on to have two more children whom Joanne refers to as her “brothers- rainbow.”

Abigail is the oldest of the three Svensson children, and Abigail is very condescending to Daniel and Lucy, belittling their accomplishments and powers to help her own low position in the office.

Wanting to jump into a case, Abigail has made sure to break her father’s condition that she stick to small office jobs and not make waves or get involved in a lawsuit.

Before the first show of all the family problems, Abigail gets involved in the case of a teenager who desperately wants to find her biological father who is a sperm donor found on Craigslist.

The clueless father turns out to be a successful developer and ends up being sued for 13 years for child support, and during the trial Abigail turns to gossip about her own “stupid parents, comedians and unavailability.”

Abigail also has issues, namely her husband Frank (Luke Camilleri) who has kicked her out of the house, her teenage daughter Sofia (Eden Summer Gilmore) is living alone while the younger brother is Nico (Brenden Sunderland) is forgiving.

Since “Family Law” is a collection of the Canadian series that has been announced for the third season, we will see if it still holds the power with the American audience.


The CBS network has a knack for tradition, and “So Help Me Todd” might fit into that category if it’s known as a crime drama or a comedy about a troubled family relationship.

Showrunner and Executive Producer Scott Prendergast informed viewers at the summer press tour that the show is based on his own true story of losing his mother’s husband and helping to find him.

That self-importance is the basis for the first episode in which Marcia Gay Harden’s Margaret Wright, a lawyer at a Portland firm, enlists the help of her wayward son Todd (Skylar Astin) in tracking down his missing ex-husband. (Mark Moses).

Todd is first seen at the supermarket following a single mom who is suspected of committing insurance fraud on a disability claim. He has been assigned to this job after losing his private investigator license for law enforcement.

To make matters worse, he lives in his sister’s (Madeline Wise) garage, and his mother Margaret thinks it’s time for her errant son to return his professional life to on the road.

There may be doubts about Todd working as a detective for a law firm, but he soon proves his worth in ways other than finding his missing spouse.

At the agency, Todd reconnects with old flame Susan (Inga Schlingmann), who has a large rock on her finger. He’s also competing with powerful researcher Lyle (Tristen J. Winger) who is more Tony Randall than Felix Unger in “The Odd Couple.”

According to Scott Prendergast, his biggest inspiration was the private detective agency in “Moonlighting,” and he calls his new series a throwback to classics like “Hart to Hart” and “Remington Steele.”

Like others of the genre, “So Help Me Todd” is a new case every week, with many red herrings and twists, and at the end of each episode there will be a big decision, and Todd will go crazy. sometimes, they slide close to the edge.

Above all, “So Help Me Todd” is a show with a gentle touch wrapped in a series of mysteries that are perfect because Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin are a great team in delve into the humor and sadness of the generation gap.

Tim Riley writes film and television reviews for Lake County News.


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