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Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals

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The Cardinals got off to their best start of the season on Sunday, but it wasn’t a sign of things to come for their offense.

Kyler Murray’s touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins was Arizona’s first opening possession touchdown of the year, but the offense wouldn’t score again until the fourth quarter of the game. Bad snaps, penalties and a Murray fumble conspired to keep the Cardinals from scoring on seven straight drives, and then the defense gave up a 51-yard Noah Fant catch-and-run that eventually cut Seattle’s lead to 24-21. The fourth quarter.

Tight end Zach Ertz said after the game, “The Cardinals think we’re past some things and they’re showing up in critical situations.” Murray had the same loss to explain why the team couldn’t perform consistently.

“I couldn’t answer why or what. We keep shooting ourselves in the foot,” Murray said via the team’s website.

At 3-6, the Cardinals haven’t had time to show they’re more capable than they’ve been this season. If they can’t, there will be questions about whether the current leadership can bring the kind of success the Cardinals are looking for.


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