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Nicholasville, Ky. (Lex 18) – Kentucky State Police have released the name of the Nicholasville police officer involved in the Oct. 22 shooting of Desman LaDuke. His family called the police to conduct a mental health examination.

In a statement released Monday, Kentucky State Police said after hours of negotiations with LaDuke, two guns were pointed inside his bedroom window. Officer Joseph Horton “recognized the immediate danger and fired his agency-issued firearm, striking Mr. Laduc once.”

Horton is an eight-year veteran of the Nicholasville Police Department, working on patrol. Currently on administrative leave.

LaDuke’s family criticized the department’s response, saying Desman needed help and that he had never harmed anyone.

Kahnan Leslie, a relative, said, “What goes through my mind in this whole situation is what made them think the way they did, what led to the actions they took? The only question on their mind was stop trying to kill myself or we’re going to kill you.


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