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The national outrage over the lenient sentence handed down by the Beersheva juvenile court last Wednesday to a Bedouin who molested a little girl two years ago explains why justice won the win on November 1st.

With the swearing-in of the 25th Knesset today (Tuesday), and intense coalition negotiations, the above-mentioned scandals and impunity could explain the election results. Despite the shock of the talking class, the possibility that Zionist Party member Itamar Ben-Gvir will be granted the social security package he has requested is a real relief for most people.

Ben-Gvir is not the only person who laments the loss of Israeli control in the south, even in the southern part of the country, which is called the “Wild West.” But his cries and pleas for the restoration of law and order in that and other great places have been heard far and wide; as in the case of confiscation.

The shocking news was revealed on Friday night, after the boy and his family had finished eating and went to bed. Three young men—two of them 17 years old, and the third, who was waiting outside on an empty boat, past his 18th birthday—approached the house.

The “teenagers” had robbed other houses, so they were very confident when they entered this house. All they did was 50 ounces ($14.50) and some toys.

But they reached the room of the victim and his three brothers. While one was holding a candle, the other climbed onto the 10-year-old girl’s bed and trampled her.

His screams alerted his parents, but the robber and his accomplice were allowed to escape. The tragedy, of course, left the boy with a troubled mother and father. Later the latter lamented that if he had been able to catch the killers and shoot them, he would have been the one under trial.

For the next 24 months, the activist—who did not show sadness, but laughed during his trial—was kept in a juvenile facility, where he he gets a cure (you guessed it!). Even the progressives couldn’t shut him up when he was a child, because of the intensity of his adultery.

The severity of the now-19-year-old pedophile’s ridiculous sentence—five years in prison, with the possibility of parole, and a 70,000-shekel ($20,400) fine—sparked complaints from the Diet. -judge of the District Court of Beersheva, Yael Raz-Levi, who who led the three-judge panel that convicted him, has been given a security detail.

This is exactly the kind of protection that the little girl, her Southern neighbors and the rest of the population wish they could have. As Beersheva Mayor Rubik Danilovich said Channel 12 on Wednesday, “The land of Israel is gone. These sentences are more than enough to cause trouble… [T]he is the embodiment of the breakdown of society.”

All that is necessary to grasp the depth of the harm and reverse the prejudice of the decision is to review Raz-Levi’s reasons for the decision. It is not clear from the panel’s agreement that “stronger punishment and the prohibition of imprisonment behind bars” are appropriate.

The amendment for the sake of simplicity, in part: “One cannot ignore the considerations, such as the recovery of the accused, reported by his probation officers, in his continued insistence on the work long treatment, despite the difficult conditions and long stay … a closed house without a holiday.” Boo-hoo.

The judges also point to “the progress he has made in his knowledge and awareness of the seriousness of the crimes he has committed, and his responsibility for his actions, although progress is somewhat slow.” [Emphasis added.]

Weight should also be given, they say in a simplistic way, to the accused’s “personal characteristics” and “complicated family ties.”

Adding insult to injury to the world caused by this robber—who did not dare to kill a Bedouin, let alone one who had passed away, for legitimate fear of being killed—the Ministry refused. Shelter the request of the victim’s family to be recognized as a target of anti-Jewish terrorism. Their lawyer’s appeal of that decision was heard on Monday in the Tel Aviv District Court.

Whatever the outcome, the entire episode, from start to finish, is a microcosm of the erosion of the system that is in desperate need of repair. The correction of this situation is one of the priorities chosen by the new “full, full, right-wing” government to manage.

Ruthie Blum is an Israeli journalist and author of “To Hell in a Basket: Carter, Obama, and the ‘Arab Spring.’ “


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