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Isaac Hayes Estate threatens legal action against Donald Trump for using the singer-songwriter’s music during his 2024 presidential campaign – “We are exploring various legal options to prevent this useless use.”

The land of the late singer-songwriter who wrote a pair of tweets protesting the Trump campaign’s use of the 1966 Sam & Dave song “Hold Me It’s Coming” (which Hayes co-wrote with David Porter) in announcing Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign .The estate of Isaac Hayes explains that they are exploring legal avenues to prevent this from happening again.

“Once again, the country and family of Isaac Hayes have NOT allowed the use of ‘Catch Me It’s Coming’ by Sam and Dave by Donald Trump in his 2024 Presidential announcement tonight,” the said Hayes. “We are exploring various legal options to prevent this unauthorized use.”

The country expressed dismay in a follow-up tweet about how difficult it was to stop a politician from using the artist’s music.

“Stopping a politician from using your music isn’t always easy, but we’re working hard to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t continue to use ‘Hold On I.’ m Coming’ written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter at other events and in public. style,” the follow-up tweet read.

The list of musicians who have publicly criticized Trump’s use of their music continues to grow, and many have threatened legal action. Famous examples include Neil Young, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, REM, Twisted Sister, Pharrell, Ozzy Osbourne, Adele, Queen, Rihanna, The Village People, Jack White, and the late George Harrison. Tom Petty , and Prince.

The twice-ipeached Trump officially announced his 2024 presidential run on Tuesday and filed official forms with the FEC. Despite announcing his intention to run, enthusiasm for Trump’s resurgence appears to be at its lowest in the midterms.


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