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A common complaint among in-house legal teams is requiring sales teams to provide accurate information during onboarding. When creating new contracts for new or existing customers, there is a direct link between the sales and legal teams. And it continues from installation through performance management – including everything from contract creation to review to performance to renewal.

While most sales teams are tasked with initiating the contract manufacturing process, it’s not always the best way to get involved. It can be tedious, boring, and difficult to close a job and earn a commission. To complicate matters for the seller, there are many pre-negotiated details that seem harmless to the buyer, but are legally important. All these facts are left on the admission application.

To reduce the work required to create a new, accurate contract, some lawyers create templates that capture all the information they need. But those ad-hoc solutions fail because the data is entered incorrectly, the whole process is overlooked, or the model is completed too quickly.

An example of a common roadblock can be illustrated by examining the process of writing and signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which is required for a business to move forward. The first question to answer is whether an NDA exists with a customer. If so, where? If it doesn’t exist, what should be done to create it and sign it? People spend too much time chasing NDA’s and lots of back and forth e-mails. Wouldn’t it be great if this standard script were included in the process and easily accessible from the start?

Integration challenges also include the inclusion of incorrect information – everything from using outdated templates to unreviewed legal language, repetitive errors, or inconsistencies. These issues only make it difficult for lawyers who are tasked with making sure that every business contract has as little detail as possible.

In most sales situations, there will be two parties involved – a salesperson on one side, and a salesperson (sometimes called a Sales Point of Contact, or SPOC) on the other. Both sides will work with their own legal representatives and provide information and red lists. It’s not uncommon for this to happen again, wasting everyone’s time and resources. It is the customer’s responsibility to manage the process – although most do not want to do this, nor are they very good at it. In many cases, to move the process along, both parties engage with their own legal representatives via phone or video chat, which is an expensive and time-consuming process. it gets lost in e-mails and can introduce errors into the entire process.

Each of these changes can have its own “sub-entry,” which can be subject to all of the above problems and the resulting problems.

One solution is to ask for help from desktop software – preferably with artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously learn from every change and improve performance. For example, Advocat offers a platform that enables collaboration by bringing all functions together for easy access and use.

Using software is a simple solution to these problems that arise during the administration and management process. Here are just a few of the things that software can do, making it a great investment for companies that use this revolutionary technology.

How the software can help

  1. Coordination: A virtual desktop solution allows everyone to see the same information at the same time, avoiding complex and time-consuming communication chains. This allows for a single source based on selected documents, eliminating the multiple Word documents that users attach to emails that get rotated, misplaced, and out of sync.

  2. Issue resolution: Deal table software provides tools that make it easy for the legal team to present their work and make it easier to accept changes.

  3. Empowerment: A virtual work desk empowers everyone involved to use all the features built into the software, allowing all employees to use the tools to move things forward faster.

Essentially, integration problems are a sign of negative motivation, confusion, and weakness. Adopting desktop software can solve these problems by increasing communication, reducing confusion and eliminating inefficiencies. When done right, task tables can not only reduce frustration between sales and legal teams, they can save a company time, money, and increase productivity. by allowing jobs to close quickly.

This is a collaborative effort that requires the support of all stakeholders.

Here are some examples:

  1. Pointing out areas of ambiguity when clarifying documents reduces the number of non-essential areas that can be resolved without increasing. This also refers to things that are important and need to be increased. AI can make the difference, allowing the legal team to focus on what matters most.

  2. AI can combine the sales playbook with the obstacles set by the legal department. Many times, everyone has different ideas about the best outcome of a contract. Aligning those ideas early in the process – and letting the software help – will improve internal processes.

  3. Work tables can organize light spaces. The sales team may want to close a deal before the end of the quarter or when the customer’s budget changes. But the legal process can take up to three months, which frustrates the sales team, who may secretly try to avoid the legal process and create the contract themselves. It is important that both parties understand each other’s schedule to avoid conflicts or risky actions such as implementing contracts that are not monitored.

Desktop software empowers employees across the board to quickly and easily solve problems by bringing everyone into a single virtual room – in sync and synchronously – to managing their time in a good way.

If you’re on the sales side, don’t let the administrative challenges of acquisition and execution stop you from closing. If you are on the legal side, be confident that your sales team is working in an efficient and legal manner. Consider using a virtual work desk to improve your processes and bottom line.


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