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Orlando, Fla. – Sharice Nesmith is grieving the death of her 4-year-old daughter, Janice Serrano. On November 4, the little girl was shot along with her grandmother and two aunts.

“They ask their sister all the time, and they’re like, ‘Where are you?’ I try to change the subject because I don’t know how to tell them,” said the 26-year-old mother of three through tears about not telling her two surviving children that their sister had died.

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Nesmith, who was shot in the face, told News 6 that his mother, Gayle Baker, 49, and sisters Shantay Nesmith, 28, and Asha Baker, 29, were out with Asha’s boyfriend Shawl. Jones on Nov. 3, but when they returned to their Orlando home, she heard an argument and told him to leave the house.

The shooting victims were Gail Baker, Shantay Nesmith, Asha Baker and Janice Serrano. (Copyright 2022 by WKMG Click Orlando – All Rights Reserved.)

“She was fighting with her boyfriend, Shawl, and I guess they had argued in the club before,” she recalled. Nesmith was in another room, but her daughter, a twin, Janice, had gone into the living room.

“My sister said to my mother – because he was getting his stuff out, wasn’t he? My sister was telling my mom, mom you better get him because he’s been throwing things at my niece,” she said.

Nesmith said Jones returned inside the home, unloaded a gun and shot the mother, two sisters and the little girl.

“He…he took something precious, I ask myself, what did this boy do to you? All he has to do is take your clothes out of the house. Why go back there and shoot them? Carita Seals, a relative of the family, said.

Nesmith said he didn’t realize it was gunshots, but when he went into the living room, the scene was devastating.

“I didn’t know what was going on. I looked down and realized he was doing it. He shot her in the head. I saw him shoot my sister in the head and then I looked up and he shot me in the nose,” Nesmith said.

Nesmith recalled running out of the house to call for help and having to leave her 4-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son in one room.

“He said, ‘Mom, are you okay?’ ‘I said, hold on. I’ll go get some help.’ So I was trying to find my boyfriend to get help and he was already going to get help and he was knocking on the door,” Nesmith said.

The family is still trying to come to terms with their loss and is trying to figure out how to raise funds to bury the family at the homestead.

“I still have a hard time accepting that. We’ve always done things together as a family and it’s hard knowing they won’t be here. It’s hard living here in Orlando without them,” Seals said.

Seals said he plans to start a GoFundMe fundraiser.

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