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A man in Dhekiajuli of Assam has been arrested for killing a girl. The 42-year-old Hajarat Ali killed the 14-year-old girl after he failed in his attempt to rape her while she was sleeping. The girl was studying at the local high school.

The girl was found dead in her bed on Tuesday morning at her house at Bhakuamari in Alisinga under Dhekiajuli police station in Sonitpur district. Only she and her father lived in the house during that period, as the rest of the family was not present. Father and daughter went to bed after dinner on Monday night. On Tuesday, the father went to a nearby mosque for namaz around 4 am.

When he returned home after namaz, he was shocked to find his daughter lying dead on her bed. The police were immediately informed. A police team led by ASP Madhurima Das and the forensic team visited the crime scene after receiving the complaint and sniffer dogs were deployed to the spot.

While the detective team collected the evidence, the shooting dog pointed to Hajarat Ali who lives in the same neighborhood. During interrogation, the police became suspicious of Hajarat Ali’s behavior. Therefore, the same day he was taken to the station for further questioning. During these interrogations, Hajarat Ali finally confessed to killing the girl.

He said he entered the house taking advantage of the fact that she was alone and intended to rape her. But as she tried, the girl got up and started screaming. Afraid of being caught, he strangled her, causing her to die.

The officer in charge of Dhekiajuli Police Station said, “The girl was sleeping at her house in Bhakuamari village. Hajarat Ali, taking advantage of the absence of other family members, entered the house and tried to rape the girl. When she got up and screamed, out of fear, Ali strangled her and killed her.”

After this confession, the police arrested Hajarat Ali.

The accused repeated the confession in front of the media. He said:- I went there to do something bad, but she screamed, so I strangled her. When asked why he tried to rape a minor girl even though they were neighbors, he said that he made a big mistake. He said the incident happened around 5:30 this morning.

The girl’s body has been sent to Tezpur Medical College and Hospital for an autopsy, which will be videotaped.


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