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GOWANUS, BROOKLYN – A long-standing “voice” against Gowanus’ upcoming rezoning plan has filed an injunction to appeal the dismissal of an earlier legal strategy to fight the zoning district, according to reports. to a post last week.

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According to the group, Voice of Gowanus, they are asking that their Article 78 petition to delimit Gowanus be denied.

“We maintain that without an injunction there will be harm to the Gowanus community before the appeal is heard,” the group said Thursday.

A longtime opponent of the remediation plan, the group says its prescription, which is not found in the case file, may be recalled for needed repairs, and would “prohibit construction and toxic emissions.” applies, until the court decides on the incorrect Environmental Impact Statement.”

Patch sent an email to Voice of Gowanus asking for comment, but has not yet received a response.

The original lawsuit — filed in February by longtime project activists, including Voice of Gowanus and Friends and Residents of Greater Gowanus — argued that the city violated regulations and published a negative review of the environment for remediation.

Last July, a Brooklyn judge dismissed the lawsuit, saying the case was not supported by “any factual or legal information.”

“[The City] It was determined that the Rezoning would not have a negative impact on the environment based on its comprehensive and thorough review,” Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Consuelo Mallafre Melendez wrote in the ruling. court in July.

“We didn’t have all of our concerns in court,” Martín Bisi, a group member and Gowanus small business owner, told Patch last July. “The Voice of Gowanus continues to evaluate all legislative options.”

Richard Lippes, the chief counsel in this case, said that the city “believes that they are above the law, that they can act with impunity when they do not comply with the laws and environmental orders Federal and New York State.”

The rezoning, which continues to move forward, will bring 8,000 new homes and about 10,000 new residents across the 82-block area.

In October, the city announced the Gowanus Rezoning Oversight Task Force to investigate accountability during the major rezoning.


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