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UNITYVILLE — Two men and two women have been killed in what the Lycoming County District Attorney is calling a homicide. “Mass Death” The incident happened on Saturday.

According to a Pennsylvania State Police news release, PSP responded at 9:30 a.m. to a report of a female shooting victim on State Route 239. While en route, State Route 239 reported a male active shooter with a rifle. Vehicles.

Upon arrival, members of the PSP Bloomsburg encountered the actor actively firing a rifle while standing near state Route 239. PSP members exchanged shots with the actor. The shooting was stopped and the scene was secured. Actor Brian Taylor was killed during a clash with PSP members. All members involved are on administrative leave as per department rules.

Three people were fatally injured in the actor’s attack. The victims were Brian Taylor’s wife Linda Taylor, sister Andrea Meek and an acquaintance of actor Jerry Sehring. The actor shot at three vehicles and damaged nearby houses.

No injuries were reported to the occupants of the vehicles that passed through.

The incident started with a domestic quarrel between the actor and his wife. After shooting his wife, the actor fled his home on State Route 118, which leads to the intersection of State Route 118 and State Route 239, and opened fire on a truck. The actor later went to his sister’s house located on State Route 239. Once he shot his sister, he left in an all-terrain vehicle and the actor continued north on State Route 239, where he encountered Sehring, who shot him. During the incident, the actor fired at multiple houses and moving vehicles on State Route 239 and State Route 118.

No PSP members were injured in the incident.

The police also informed that there is no threat to the public.

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