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(Kitco News) – Authorities in the United States and the Bahamas are discussing bringing Sam Bankman-Fried to the US for questioning as new legal proceedings were launched against FTX and its former CEO on Wednesday.

Citing multiple sources in the discussions, the Bloomberg report said “discussions between law enforcement officials in the two countries have intensified in recent days,” and Bankman-Fried has been “cooperating” with Bahamian authorities, who interviewed him on Saturday. .

The report said no one involved in the FTX and Alameda crashes had been arrested or detained, and that the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, and the National Crime Squad The Royal Bahamas Police Force rejected it all. to discuss Wednesday morning.

In addition to the former CEO, FTX founder Gary Wang and engineering director Nishad Singh are still in the Bahamas and remain “under surveillance” by local authorities. Over the weekend, there were reports that Bankman-Fried and Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison were looking to fly to Dubai.

On Tuesday evening, SBF issued an error series of tweets which says “to the satisfaction of [his] education,” Alameda’s assets (information) exceed market-listed liabilities; Alameda is a margin station on FTX International; and FTX.US is big enough to pay all its customers. “Not everyone agrees with this,” he wrote.

He said his goal is to “make it right for customers” and he has also met with executives. He did not say who the directors were, to indicate which countries. He said the leverage was too high, “more than I realized. The run on the bank and the market crash has cost money.”

Bankman-Fried also said she was working to “raise the money, save the customers, and start over,” though she did not say what she would do after taking over as CEO in October. air 11 aia Alameda and FTX at this time. in bankruptcy proceedings.

It was also reported Wednesday that an $11 billion consumer action lawsuit was filed in Florida court, with investors suing FTX and Bankman-Fried for damages resulting from the collapse. of crypto exchange.

The lawsuit also targets prominent fans and promoters of FTX, including the National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise the Golden State Warriors and current and former NBA stars Steph Curry and Shaquille O’ Neal, including current NFL quarterback and seven-time Super Bowl champion. Tom Brady.

“The FTX fraud scheme was designed to take advantage of unsuspecting investors from all over the country, who use mobile apps to make their investments,” wrote Oklahoma resident Edwin Garrison as part of the offer. “As a result, American consumers sustained $11 billion in damages.”

Attorneys for Garrison said there were “numerous emails and FTX documents” but did not provide specifics.

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