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West Palm Beach, Fla. – West Palm Beach police officers One person was shot dead They said Monday was armed.

Police have not released an update on the incident, but family members said the victim was 22-year-old Jerionte Gibson, a father of three.

There are still many unanswered questions surrounding what happened.

Jerionte Gibson died of a gunshot wound Monday afternoon at the intersection of 15th Street and Windsor Avenue, loved ones said.

According to investigators, he was armed and got into an argument with an officer, forcing the officer to fire his weapon.

Police Involved in the November 14, 2022, Shooting of Jerionte Gibson


Jerionte Gibson was shot and killed on November 14, 2022 in West Palm Beach.

The man’s father, Jerry Gibson Jr., mourns the loss of his son. This is not the first time he has been in such a situation.

“It’s not easy when you lose a child three years ago and now another one from police officers, it’s just not right,” said Jerry Gibson Jr.

The wounds of losing her first son to gun violence in 2019 are still fresh. He and his family are now preparing to bid a final farewell to another loved one.

“He was loving,” brother Tevin Gibson said. “There was never a moment when he wasn’t laughing, he always had a smile on his face.”

Tevin Gibson, brother of Jerionte Gibson, who was shot and killed in West Palm Beach on November 14, 2022


Tevin Gibson shares memories of his brother Jerionte Gibson.

Neither West Palm Beach police nor the Florida Department of Law Enforcement provided an update on the shooting.

Witness Elizabeth Edwards said she saw everything happen from her front door.

“I’m still in shock about it, I really am, because I’ve never seen anything like it,” Edwards said.

It’s still unclear what led to the officer-involved shooting.

Jerry Gibson Jr., father of Jerionte Gibson, who was shot and killed by West Palm Beach police on November 14, 2022


Jerry Gibson Jr. shares his grief after his son’s shooting death.

Loved ones question the use of deadly force.

“Somehow, I’m going to get justice because he doesn’t deserve it,” Jerry Gibson Jr. said.

While we wait to learn more about the circumstances of the incident, the officer involved is on paid administrative leave, which is typical in this situation.

The case has now been handed over to FDLE. A spokeswoman for the agency said it was unable to comment because it was under investigation.


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