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In celebration of this year’s National Pro Bono Week, Entergy employees joined together on October 27 to help low-income community members during Entergy’s second annual Pro Bono Day of Service.

Forty-five attorneys and law students, including 18 Entergy attorneys, teamed up to sponsor a virtual legal clinic designed and hosted by Entergy and answered questions​​​​​​ submitted to freelegalanswers.org by low-income community members across the service area in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Over the course of two hours, participants will log 90 hours of real time in law – a market value of $11,000 in legal services.

The Day of Pro Bono Service brings together legal professionals in four states, at the same time, to help clarify a list of questions on each state’s freelegalanswers.org website.

“Our experts have the skills to change people’s lives,” said Christy Kane, Entergy’s pro bono counsel. “When we help our clients navigate complex legal issues, they become more resilient, meaning they can handle real-world challenges on blue-sky days, in or after an accident.”

The 16 outside counsel included the law firms of Baker Donelson, Bradley, Duggins Wren and Quattlebaum. Eleven law students participated representing Baylor University, Loyola University New Orleans, Mississippi College of Law, Texas Southern College of Law, Texas A&M and the University of Arkansas, Little Rock – Bowen Law School.

Since 2012, Entergy’s legal pro bono program has honored the commitment of company attorneys and regulators to provide free legal assistance to some of the most vulnerable citizens living in our utility’s service area.

In 2018, Entergy named Kane, a litigator and leader of a public law center in Louisiana, as the company’s primary counsel. The Louisiana State Bar Association has honored Entergy law firm members with the 2019 Friend of Pro Bono Award. In 2020, the Pro Bono Project was Entergy Outstanding Pro Bono Corporate Partner of the Year and the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project awarded Entergy their Torchbearer and Pro Bono awards.

Over the past 10 years, Entergy’s legal department has completed approximately 50,000 hours of community service, with approximately 18,000 of those representing pro bono hours equivalent to $4.7 million to the community. In 2021, legal professionals contributed approximately 1,800 hours of legal time.

National Pro Bono Week is held in the last week of October each year, and celebrates the good people of the legal profession, using their skills to make a positive difference in their society. The groups participated in person and closely, depending on their location.


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