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SiteTools files lawsuit after domain vendor threatens legal action.

Draw your scales with the word "judge" and put it on the box

Many lawyers face legal threats to obtain domain names for their clients. It is better for them to know that they are legal and willing to take the case to court. Here is an example of why.

SiteTools, Inc. has released federal lawsuit (pdf) against private equity group Bansk Group LLC after the latter threatened SiteTools over its domain name.

The plaintiff registered the domain in 2013. It claims to have registered an error on and has been sending it to financial sites.

Bansk Group was not created until 2019. Since is registered, will be the domain name.

A company representative approached SiteTools about buying It was not identified who he was responsible for in relation to the threat or legal threat. SiteTools said the domain is not for sale but will consider offers. The representative of Bansk Group offered $10,000, SiteTools did not.

On November 2, the representative again issued a demand for $10,000 and threatened legal action if the offer was not accepted.

SiteTools struck first. A lawsuit was filed Nov. 12 in a California court. By placing it there, it can fight the next battle of SiteTools, which is also part of the Ninth Series. Many of the Ninth Circuit’s Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) rules favor SiteTools.

Site Tools is asking for a declaratory judgment of non-cybersquatting, a declaratory judgment of not guilty, revocation of the Bansk Group’s trademark, and legal fees up to $200,000.

Attorneys John Berryhill and Michael A. Long represent SiteTools.


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