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As the dust settles at Old Trafford following the first waves of Cristiano Ronaldo’s high-profile interview, the club’s management have been busy exploring their options for the next step in resolving a situation toxic.

On the day the first episode of the TV interview with host Piers Morgan was broadcast, Manchester United owners the Glazer family, chief executive Richard Arnold and director of football John Murtough, and director Erik ten Hag, will speak with their lawyers. while they wait to see the full story of the player in the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, in extracts published by the Sun newspaper and videos watched over 11 million times on social media, Ronaldo has accused his employers of fraud and failure respect and respect Ten Hag and the hierarchy of the club. Here’s what we know so far.

But what options are available to the club? How can they move forward after the embarrassing incident from the 37-year-old superstar?

What’s so important about United as far as they know?

The important thing for United is to determine how much Ronaldo has breached his contract through his comments and what they can do.

All top players sign a Premier League contract with their club.

Under that agreement, they were required to “obey and act in accordance with all legal instructions of an authorized official of the club” and were not allowed to “write or say anything that would can the club … to harm … harm the club”.

Jamie Singer, a partner at sports legal experts Onside Law, believes Ronaldo has breached his standard contract.

“Under the contract, there is a specific provision that talks about not saying anything that could harm the club or bring the club into disrepute,” he said. “The details of the interview will immediately break him down.

“It’s also standard practice, wherever possible, to inform the club of the inquiries you’re making beforehand. He can inform the club so I think that’s another breach.

It is understood that United were aware of Ronaldo’s camp inquiry on Sunday, shortly before Morgan’s first tweet to make the announcement, so it is open to interpretation if the announcement was made in advance.

“As far as I know, the standard contract does not prevent players from doing interviews,” Singer said. “But we have to be able to help the club by telling them it’s happening in advance and making sure they get involved.”

In this case, Ronaldo is no different from any of his colleagues or players in the 19 clubs of the Premier League.

“There is a contract for the Premier League that all Manchester United players and all clubs have signed to use,” said Singer. “He (Ronaldo) has signed those terms.

“That includes the accusations of courage, honesty and following reasonable advice.

“There can be no doubt that his actions violate the standard contract. From what I’ve seen, accusing the club of cheating, rather than honoring the bonds, it’s easy to say that he has violated the club and harmed the interests of the club.

What will happen if United decide that Ronaldo has breached his contract?

Ultimately, the club was able to terminate the Portuguese’s contract.

Originally set to re-join United in August 2021 on a two-year deal with an option for a further year, his current terms expire in August 2023 – assuming an extra year is not agreed .

However, if United’s hierarchy says that a player who is still at the club can’t do it and wants to get rid of him even with appeals or negative comments, there is a procedure that they can follow.


The key for United is to confirm the extent of Ronaldo’s breach of contract through his comments (Image: Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

“If he’s breaking his contract, that’s one thing,” Singer said. “But breaking the contract can be terminated, that’s another level.

“You can’t make conclusions from a few tapes and passages out of context so it’s important that United and their legal team understand the facts and then make a decision.”

United would be better advised to follow the procedures set out in the same manner as they would in breach of contract, and to consider all their options.

“There is a disciplinary system, and if someone breaks the contract by doing something they shouldn’t have done, the club has the option to fine the player and impose a penalty,” Singer said.

One of the former is former United striker Romelu Lukaku.

The striker gave an explosive interview to Sky Italia last season, criticizing Chelsea’s behavior of not playing regularly. Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea’s head coach at the time, said Lukaku had “some learning curve” in the interview but, unlike Ronaldo, this was a player who had signed for £90 million just a few months earlier. .

Lukaku, who apologized for his interview, is now on loan at Inter Milan, the club he left for Chelsea.

“If the player is bad or not, you go into the disciplinary process and the player has a chance to defend himself,” says Singer. “The club will say what they think he has done wrong, he can argue that he has done nothing wrong, and then it will go to the club’s board to decide what the penalty should be, if any. it’s all there.

“In this situation, there is an internal investigation that may lead to a situation where he has done something bad and they can terminate the contract.

“If they believe there’s more here, they can be quick and say they don’t want to do the punishment. They may argue that it is clear and obvious that there has been serious misconduct and they will go straight for termination with a 14-day notice.”

Any examples of players having their contracts terminated?

In August 2011, Hull City terminated the contract of record signing Jimmy Bullard following an incident during the pre-season tour of Slovenia.

Bullard was expensive until the end of the 2012-13 season and was involved in a legal dispute between himself and the club. When word finally got out that the former arbitrator had agreed to a settlement, both sides signed confidentiality agreements.

In 2014, Nicolas Anelka was sacked by West Bromwich Albion for misconduct. Anelka — banned for five matches and fined £80,000 by the Football Association for Quenelle The sign he made at West Ham – announced via Twitter that he has terminated his playing contract, which has three and a half months left.

Anelka was sacked by West Brom in 2014 for misconduct (Photo: John Walton – PA photo by Getty Images)

The club suspended the Frenchman on full pay after the FA decided to complete their own investigation. West Brom initially said his Twitter account was “grossly unprofessional”.

Three hours later, the club revealed that they had written to Anelka and given him 14 days to quit as required under his contract. They said Anelka did not apologize for “the impact and consequences of his (Quenelle) sign” or accept a large fine, and his suspension will end.

Singer believes that United would be better advised to follow through on any action, regardless of the threat of an interview.

“The safer way is to go to a criminal trial, we will arrange it and you can defend yourself,” he said. “Then we will make a decision.

“If he is found guilty of misconduct, which is rare, the player can still appeal to the Premier League. What is different is that the value of the player’s registration is important. otherwise the club will terminate the player’s registration contract due to the high cost of his registration.

“But they are paying him even hundreds of thousands a week and can’t sell him for a huge transfer fee. That changes the dynamic.

“If they save themselves £400,000 a week, it’s worth going that way. There’s too much investment in what we’ve seen to justify the abuse.

“They want to have a punitive process to protect themselves against claims that is not a fair and just process. Knowing that Ronaldo might challenge them, they had a defensive back then.

So what might be the result?

Despite trying to tear up his contract, United prefer to do it quietly and quietly.

As well as criticizing facilities at United’s training ground and other negative views of its culture, Ronaldo has accused the club of a lack of “love” when his young daughter was hospitalized in July.

Simon Leaf, head of sports at law firm Mishcon de Reya, believes that resolving the matter individually is the best way for the club to minimize the embarrassment.

“The club is caught between a rock and a hard place,” he said. “(A) termination is subject to Ronaldo’s right to appeal – particularly if he claims United are breaching their own duties to take reasonable steps to protect the health and safety of his players staff, perhaps reaching out to Ronaldo.time off in tough situations.

“There is no easy answer to this legal dispute, and from experience, one can suspect that, because the money related to the fees and the transfer fee can be ignored, Ronaldo and the club will try to resolving issues as best as possible in private and with a view to the well-being of both parties.”

(Top photo: Dan Mullan/Getty Images)


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