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A children’s program is under legal action after a program was published claiming that some celebrities committed suicide because of “ghosts.”

The meeting was held on November 15th, and the Communications Committee of the Korea Communications Commission decided to issue a warning KBS Kids‘children’s program’Magical room‘ for the episode that aired on August 27.

‘Witch’s Room’ is a children’s program that presents ghost stories, urban legends and mysteries to children. The episode that aired on August 27 was an episode that told the “Ghost Story of the Free Spirit” and aired the story of a paramedic who claimed that some famous people had died because they were possessed by vengeful spirits. them.

After the episode aired, a complaint was made that the broadcast was inappropriate for a program intended for 12 or more viewers.

The program is under Article 41 and Article 44 of the broadcasting law. Commissioner Yoon Sung Ok explained to Yonhap News, “It’s very appropriate to connect that issue with spirituality and use it as a program for children.”


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