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From November 15, 2022, issue of The Charlie Kirk Showstreaming on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): The thing that bothers me is that I’m really attacked for telling people to vote early.

KIRK: So, guys, this is the guy, who in the Arizona Republican Party decided to put this thing on a paper. So my father-in-law had four of four Republican registrants and one knocked on his door in Arizona.

And I will never forget this. A week and a half and – a week and a half, two weeks after the election, they issued a golden ticket. Right? How to vote for all devices and everything. And on top of the golden ticket, it said it was the first to show that voting on Election Day was the best strategy. And I thought to myself that we’re going to do a whole show on it, and I said, man, we’re still reading about how the Democrats can sabotage our last move. As we told them the only thing they had to do was to make some sort of dam in the canal that day.

KIRK: Well, because, there was a lot of fighting over this. And I’m trying to say this to Abe Hamadeh’s project – and this, of course, resulted in some bad legal advice. Andrew, remember when some people came out and said you could go into one polling place and vote at another? Remember what people say? Well, that’s not true. There are currently 3,000 ballot papers in the Maricopa County Treasury.

The legal advice of the Kari Lake project is bad.


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