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Posted: November 14, 2022, 09:16h.

Last updated on: November 14, 2022, 09:16h.

Blackjack and blackjack are legalized in Paris. That’s Paris France, the City of Light, not Paris Las Vegas, these things are not guaranteed but encouraged for decades.

Paris betting
The Punto Club of Paris, owned by the Partouche Group. The club is now available to offer blackjack, craps, sic bo and bingo. (Photo: Punto Club)

Last week, the seven gambling clubs in the French capital were at the forefront of new games, including bingo and sic bo, the most popular dice game in Asia. The order comes as the Macron government wants to attract wealthy tourists to the city’s gambling tables, according to reports. The Time of London.

In 2017, the authorities chose to license a number of regulated and independent members-only gambling clubs, along the lines of the old London model. This is to replace the troubled ones cercles de jeuxpreviously awarded to the people of Paris and their gambling activities since the banning of casinos in the city 110 years ago.

A 1907 law prohibited casinos from operating within 100 kilometers (62 miles) of Paris, most of which drove gambling enthusiasts to coastal resorts.

Cruel Circles

The circles appeared in Paris shortly after the casino ban. These institutions were able to identify themselves as inspiring, “non-profit organizations,” dedicated to the promotion of “social activities, arts, literature and sports.”

After the Second World War, the French government allowed Corsican groups to run the circles in recognition of their services to the French Resistance. But many clubs belong to the Corsican Mafia.

In the 1970s, bloody feuds broke out between Corsican factions over control circles. What followed was a period of calm in which the clubs believed they had their act cleaned up.

It’s not like that. In 2011, three cercles permanently closed due to crime: Le Cercle Wagram, Le Cercle Haussman, and L’Eldo.

The owner of Cercle Wagram, Jean-Angelo Guazzelli, was sentenced to three years in prison for using the club to finance the Corsican Mafia.

In the following years, two more, the Aviation Club de France and the Cercle Cadet, were forced to close after police raids.

Try Gaming Club

New gaming clubs are part of an “experiment” that replaces the circles and a more organized model. Few games are offered. These include poker, punto banco, and roulette style games many colorsthe Poker21 local blackjack variant game, and the old school French gambling game écarté. Slots are off the menu.

But now, the French authorities have noticed that foreigners, Asians and people from the Middle East spend a lot of money at the gambling tables, and most of them do not know the rules to the écarté. They believe the new games will increase the amount of foreign currency flowing into government coffers.

Meanwhile, gambling clubs are pushing for the legalization of roulette tables in time for the 2024 Paris Olympics, which will bring the city a boom in tourism and cash.

“Blackjack is very popular. It’s an offering that has been sorely missed,” said Richard Frischer, owner of Club Punto Le Monde. “But what all the clubs are looking at is roulette.”


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