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Best Buy’s new Black Friday sale dropped the price of one of its high-end gaming monitors by $400. The Acer Predator XB323QK gaming monitor is now just $799 from its original price of $1,199.

Gaming Monitors are designed to give Gamers a Better Gaming Experience

Gaming monitors are designed to help enhance the overall gaming experience. Unlike regular monitors, gaming monitors can have higher definition graphics and smoother refresh rates to help ensure a better gaming experience.

Some players focus entirely on gaming unit specs and forget to focus on the monitor. While this is perfectly fine, the gaming experience may not be as good as having a better screen.

Most AAA Games Are Designed For High End Gaming Monitors

Gamers should have a healthy balance of a good computer and a good screen. If players only have good specifications, they cannot enjoy the benefits of being able to play AAA games that come with nice graphics.

Most AAA games are designed for an upgraded experience with the help of 4K gaming monitors. Although the players can still enjoy them with a regular monitor, this does not come close to the experience with enhanced graphics.

Some 4K Gaming Monitors are expensive and can cost over $1,000

The problem with gaming monitors is that they can be extremely expensive. Some 4K monitors even cost more than $1,000.

One reason many gamers don’t think it’s practical to buy a good gaming monitor is that it can cost almost as much as a good computer. That’s why smart buyers wait for good deals before buying a high-end gaming monitor.

Acer Predator Gaming Monitor Spotted on Sale for $400 Discount for Just $799

An article by Tom’s Guide tracks various online deals for the Black Friday sale. The article tracked down various deals on Best Buy and one that really stood out was a 4K gaming monitor that had its price reduced by $400.

The article shares how the Acer Predator XB323QK gaming monitor is now being sold at a huge discount. The gaming monitor was originally listed for $1,199 but thanks to a $400 discount, its price dropped to just $799 on Best Buy.

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Acer Predator Gaming Monitor Spotted Selling at Just $899 for 25% Off

So far, this is the cheapest listing for the Acer Predator gaming monitor. The same item was spotted on Amazon but selling for a higher price of $899, a 25% discount on its original price of $1,199.

On Best Buy, the product was listed as the Acer Predator XB323QK NV 31.5 IPS LED UHD Agile Splendor G Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and up to 0.5 mp with 1 DP and 2 HDMI 2.1 ports.

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