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Guwahati: Soy Janagosthi Joutha Mancha (Six Tribes Solidarity Platform) has called for a 12-hour Assam Bandh on Tuesday (November 15) to press for the Scheduled Tribe (ST) status. Soy Janagosthi Joutha Mancha is an alliance of six ethnic groups: Adivasi, Chutia, Koch-Rajbongshi, Matak, Moran, and Tai-Ahom. The bandh was called in response to the BJP-led governments of Assam and the Center “playing on the sentiments of the six communities.” It has also decided to hold a ‘dharna’ on November 30 in Delhi. Meanwhile, Assam Adivasi Sanmilan (AAS) has urged Soy Janagosthi Joutho Mancha to call off the Assam bandh because Adivasi hero Birsa Munda’s birthday falls on that day.

Birsa Munda rebelled against the British in the 18th century, according to AAS general secretary David Horo, the hero’s birth anniversary has been given the status of ‘Gaurav Divas’. According to him, the event was also observed in Assam. Horo said that AAS fully supports the demand of Soy Janagosthi Joutho Mancha. “However, the Assam bandh call on November 15 should be withdrawn from the point of view of Gaurav Divas,” he said. This was reported in Ne Now News article.

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