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Guwahati, Nov 16 (IANS): To improve coordination between the police and the public, the Assam cabinet on Wednesday approved the formation of ‘Thana-level citizens’ committees’ across the state, officials said.

A senior government official said that the commissions will be constituted under Section 11 of the Assam Police Act. Citizen committees will essentially function as community liaison groups in police stations.

A committee consisting of a chairman appointed by the state government, a member secretary will be the leading officer of the police station, block level, and circle officers, other members will be there including officers of local government companies, citizens. appointed by the district administration.

The official added that these committees will make it easier to provide timely services to the citizens of the police department, and they will ensure the response to police complaints registered at the police stations.

It will also look into incidents of alleged misconduct, and provide information and community feedback to improve policing.

Committees will use various public forums to press forward with concerns about police actions in matters of national security and public interest.

In addition to that, the regional government believes that this new system will also be able to create public awareness of important social issues such as drug abuse, human trafficking, witchcraft, domestic violence, etc.


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