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In the ongoing operations against terrorist elements, the Assam Police have now arrested two madrasa teachers (Maulanas) for allegedly imparting ‘Jihadi’ education to students.

The Cachar police arrested the principal of the madrasa – Abul Hussain, and the assistant teacher – Dilbar Hussain in connection with the crime.

According to reports, this action was initiated after the filing of a First Information Report (FIR) on November 15, which showed that Jihadist Education was introduced in the concerned Madrasas.

Submitted by a 14-year-old student, the boy claimed that the teachers asked the students to come to Madrasah after 11 pm.

He alleged that terrorist activities were launched under the guise of religious discussions, in an attempt to radicalize students and incite violence.

The little boy added that when he refused their orders, the boy had to face terrible consequences.

However, the madrasa authorities denied the allegations. According to the police, an investigation is underway.


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